Individual products with our specification tool

Design your individual float sensor with the elobau specification tool. You will find a suitable solution for your application from an extensive number of selectable options. Your final design will be validated by elobauís experienced engineering department.

In addition to this selection, there is a wide range of additional options which include different materials, flanges, alternative switching distances, connectors and the option†of integrated temperature measurement.

In case of further questions we would be happy to advise you personally.

Mounting from outside Mounting from inside Side mount
from inside (90°)
 G 3/4" (float PP foamed)  G 1/8"  G 3/8"
 G 1"  G 3/8"
 G 1 1/2"  PG 7
 1" NPT  1/8" NPT
 1/4" NPT
 1/2" NPT
 3/4" NPT
Material (min. density) Liquid temperature Number of switch. points
 PVC (0.8 kg/dm³)  -10° up to +65°C  1
 PP (0.8 kg/dm³)  -25° up to +100°C  2
 PVDF (1 kg/dm³)  3
 PA (0.8 kg/dm³)  4
 Stainless steel (0,8 kg/dm³)
Cable material Cable length Options
 PVC (-20°..+105°C)  1 m  M12x1 4-pol.
field attachable
 PUR (-20°..+80°C)  3 m
 5 m
 10 m
Electrical values Potential Additional information
 max. 48V / 0.5A / 10W  common  Lock nut/sealing/connector
 separate  Chemical Resistance
 Thread diameter
(in mm)

(in mm)

(in mm)

(in mm)

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